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Core FO Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0815

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(78 days ago)

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  • Deep knowledge of product functionality, Hardware and Huawei Tools.
  • Perform initial troubleshooting when customer inquiries.
  • Work with BO, use reporting tools according to global processes and procedures.
  • Follow up cases looking for an answer/solution, providing constant information to the customer.
  • propose and Implement proactively improvements in Escalation procedures.
  • Perform all necessary activities to ensure In service Performance objectives.
  • Monitor all the alarms and Escalation as per Criteria
  • Troubleshoot the issue raised from customer.
  • Open, Handle & close trouble ticket.
  • Follow the issue up to Resolution.
  • Work in all Shifts.
  • Participate in knowledge transfer, documentation and information sharing.
  • Support team leader to participate in all type of Reports.
  • Knowledge of all Core Nodes detail (CS & PS).
  • Basic Knowledge of all CS Nodes (MSC, HSS, STP, MGW, DRA, IGW).
  • Basic Knowledge of PS Nodes (USN, UGW, AAA, DNS, CG).
  • Experience on M2000/U2000 and Basic knowledge how to get KPIs from M2000/U2000.
  • Basic knowledge of Performance Core related KPIs.
  • Should know about Hardware of all Core Nodes.
  • Basic knowledge of all Interface related to Core.
  • Basic knowledge of all VAS Nodes (RBT, ICS, MMS).
  • Familiar with Huawei Tools.
  • Network Certifications will be considered as advantage.
  • Hands on experience of Microsoft tools for reporting Purposes.
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