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Director - Investment Relations

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0809

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  • Develop and execute a comprehensive investor relations strategy to enhance shareholder value and promote Company in KSA's financial performance and growth prospects.
  • Contribute to the formulation and implementation of Directorate Strategy and Plans as befitting the Sector and overall strategic objectives.
  • Formulate and communicate the performance objectives and continuously monitor progress and alignment towards overall objectives.
  • Manage the implementation of policies and procedures in order to ensure the fulfillment of organizational requirements whilst delivering high-quality services.
  • Manage the operations, deliver expertise, encourage teamwork and align work processes to achieve high performance standards, meet established targets and engage employees.
  • Monitor implementation of the yearly budget and control costs in order to respect allocated budget.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for shareholders, analysts, and other stakeholders, and manage relationships with key shareholders and analysts.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines issued by CMA, Tadawul, Idaa and other regulatory institutions.
  • Manage all announcements to be on time to avoid any fines/ reputational risk on Company in KSA.
  • Publishing the Audited financials, BoD report, any fundamental news on time and maintaining transparency and disclosure as per the regulator to reflect the values of Company in KSA as high creditable, transparent listed company.
  • Align with the Group and keep them in the loop with any news, announcement, conference, earnings call and more if any.
  • Manage financial and annual Board of Directors reports for decision-making purposes
  • Monitor and analyze stock performance and trading activity to identify trends and provide insights to senior management.
  • Direct the development of clear guidelines regarding strategic and financial disclosure to the investment community and formulate presentations, and other communication materials in order to disseminate relevant information
  • Continuously assess and improve investor relations processes, and stay informed of industry best practices and trends in investor relations.
  • Communicate the company's financial performance and growth prospects to the investment community through earnings releases, conference calls, roadshows, and other presentations.
  • Prepare and distribute analyst reports and other financial materials.
  • Manage to diversify the host of the quarterly earnings call “investors presentation” to cover as much as possible verity of investors/ investment houses/ analysts from all around the world “Local, Asia, Africa, Gulf, Europe, Canada and North/ South America”, to introduce Company in KSA to wider diversified “vertically and horizontally” to reach as much investment houses in addition to investment analysts and enhance Company's Image.
  • Monitor and analyze market trends and competitive landscape to identify opportunities and risks.
  • Work closely with the CEO, CCO, CFO and other senior leaders to ensure alignment of investor relations activities with overall company strategy and objectives.
  • Keeping a close relationship with the teams/ departments and peers to assure the best quality of work executed with harmony.
  • Keeping very close relationship between Company IR and the investment community to ensure consistent alignment.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive investor relations database, including contact information and investment preferences for key shareholders and analysts.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations at industry conferences, investor events, and other gatherings.
  • Introduce high level of communication campaigns that serves the investment community that reflects Company in KSA capabilities through its successful stories.
  • Play a leading role in the development of corporate governance policies and practices related to CMA, and Tadawul.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines issued by CMA, Tadawul, Idaa and other regulatory institutions.
  • Report any issues that may be of risk to the business, operations, systems or employees or any issues related to information security to Enterprise Risk and Information Security team.
  • Support the Enterprise Risk and Information Security team in the risk mitigation process.
  • Train and develop IR staff to be up to the standards of the best practices of the best telecom companies around the globe.
  • Monitor employee performance and submit continuous feedback to encourage and support employees’ professional development and guide training programs implementation.
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