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Change Management Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0796

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(477 days ago)

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  • Perform impact Analysis of all transport activities in transport domain including multi-vendors TXM/IPMPLS/DWDM/ FTTX.
  • Checking impact & conflict of all Transport (IP/DWDM/TXM) activities planned in one night on the basis of shared impact.
  • Verifying all OSP activities their impact and conflicts if more OSP activities planned in network.
  • Huawei/Nokia IPMPLS planned activity risk assessment.
  • Notifying Business Customer with planned activities based on Impact/Risk Level by checking their protection levels as WSON/SNCP/diversity level.
  • Attending change management CAB meeting and also meeting with Mobily directors of different domains for discussing activities.
  • Participate in knowledge transfer, documentation and information sharing.
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