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Senior Signalling Solutions Architect

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0769

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(315 days ago)

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  • Manage Network Operations on packet core nodes.
  • Fault handling and take the appropriate corrective actions.
  • Integration, configuration and troubleshooting of Packet core nodes (EPG, MME, DNS, AAA, CSNMT and SAPC) in a Multi-vendor Set-up.
  • Assist project activities and implementation and secure that the delivered solution is properly implemented and works according to the Requirements.
  • CSR follow up with the customer support.
  • Preparation, verification and execution of Software updates.
  • Fault handling and corrective actions on packet core nodes.
  • Provide input, implement and verify improvements in processes and work instructions.
  • Verify and implement configuration changes.
  • E2E tracing and high skills in all telecom signalling protocols and 3GPP standards.
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