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IP/MPLS BackOffice Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0735

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(877 days ago)

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  • L2 Troubleshooting/Corrective Maintenance and ticket Handling related to MPLS, BRAS, BGW, IGW and DPI technology.
  • Escalation, close coordination and constant follow-up with Egypt-TAC & GTAC (iCare) for any L3 support.
  • Provides technical trainings or case studies to FO engineers as required by management.
  • Coordinates and works with other L2/BO/TAC engineers from other xNOCs in resolving complex issues related to MPLS, BRAS, BGW, IGW and DPI.
  • Configuration management, acceptance of new sites and services related to MPLS, BRAS, BGW, IGW and DPI through SoftPAT via NPTS.
  • Performs healthcheck especially for key events.
  • Change Management, Performs software update/upgrade for access elements whenever necessary. Plan, and execute the configuration changes.
  • Performs nonscheduled PMRs on network elements to ensure network safety.
  • Routinely assessing the changes on devices by compliance reports.
  • Generates Weekly/Monthly/Annual reports related to MPLS, BRAS, BGW, IGW and DPI.
  • Faulty hardware Replacement activities.
  • RFC preparation which includes risks assessments and activity configuration including roll back steps.
  • Data Network Inventory monthly/quarterly.
  • Ensures network safety through constant monitoring of elements.
  • On demand scripting related to MPLS, BRAS, BGW, IGW and DPI.
  • Coordination with design and implementation for new integration in network.
  • Acceptance for new nodes and new jobs issued as per SOW.
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