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SOC Operations Enginer - L1

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0733

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(538 days ago)

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  • Resource with high troubleshooting and analytical skills. BS in computer science or equivalent, hold minimum of 3 years’ experience, recommended to have security related certificate, responsible to performed daily operation tasks, and respond to ticketing and email systems .
  • Upkeep and sustenance of the endpoint management servers.
  • Incident Detection, Analysis, Validation and Alerting.
  • Monitor and alert on baseline threshold exceptions.
  • Health checks of Security Controls management servers
  • Monitoring In-Active Agents cleanup.
  • Checking Security Controls compliance, and ensure all have the standard security control and function running in healthy status.
  • Security configuration baseline assessment.
  • Regular reporting of incidents (Report Generation, Customized reports).
  • Performing basic health check of all the management servers (Hygiene).
  • Backup & restore of updated Security Controls policy /configuration
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