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Senior Software QA Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0684

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(1152 days ago)

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  • Maintain, follow, and implement test plans, strategies, and provide any information regarding ‎their fulfillment to project specifications and deadlines.‎
  • Takes responsibility for a certain test area and conditions as well as results evaluation, problem ‎resolution and planning.‎
  • Identifies test issues, report risks and define regression tests for current and future projects.‎
  • Selects appropriate standards, methods, tools and applications for project use.‎
  • Reviews quality assurance plans, data, procedures, and scripts.‎
  • Creates traceability records, from test cases back to requirements, reporting on system quality ‎and collecting metrics on test cases.‎
  • Maintains the status of project and provides guidance to the work of junior team members, ‎works across teams to achieve group goals
  • Performs and monitor the execution of manual and/or automated system integration, and ‎assure that testing activities conform to approved test plan, and to Software Testing Process.‎
  • Report and review defects on the issue tracking system caught by subordinates, and follow ‎them up until all are closed, and prepare the required status reports and communicate them ‎to upper management ‎
  • Analyze testing results and provide adequate information which will help improving ELM ‎products
  • Assures that any update on the project plan or software requirements is reflected completely ‎and correctly on the software under test, and update test plan, test cases, accordingly
  • Experience with testing products with the following technology stacks (or equivalent): Java, ‎
  • Be good at least one programming language. (JAVA, VBS, Python)‎Main skills we are looking are web services testing and strong in SQL ‎
  • Integration tester with strong ETL and WS testing skills‎
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