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EHS Engineer - Telecoms

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0680

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(1172 days ago)

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  • Establish and manage the EHS and quality of work on sites according to quality standards and customer specification in a safe manner, on time and in line with procedures and site SOP.
  • Monitor and control the EHS and quality of work on sites according to QEHS standards and customer requirements.
  • Worker know QEHS Policy and aware of 10 EHS absolute Rules
  • Worker knows Golden TL Policy and incentive standard.
  • Workers are using PPE according to standard and without any violation.
  • Check safety passport and 3rd party certification for workers.
  • Check subcontractor team performed EHS Self check prior to departure from accommodation
  • Check OBD installed on online?
  • Emphasize and guide using PPE/FPE to protect themselves and follow safe driving requirements all the times and let workers understand why need to use and follow FPE/PPE and safe driving.
  • Check Quality standard as per QC Plan
  • Check if any Quality issues on site.
  • Check Installation/Construction according to design.
  • Check Quality of tools and their calibration certificates
  • Ensure if the design drawings are available on site with subcon team.
  • Ensure if the subcon conduct Self Quality check on site
  • Subcon using ISDP/OWS on site?
  • Subcon Using IT Tools (Wireless tools, MW Tools, Fixed Tools, SCM Tools for CIAG) on site.
  • Supplier team did clock in, Site sign and submitted EHS task in ISDP/OWS.
  • Supplier team is performing activity according to Field Quality SOP.
  • Supplier team is performing activity as per network safety SOP and team knows icare number for core sites.
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