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ITSM Consultant

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0622

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(950 days ago)

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  • Describe the Service Manager environment and architecture.
  • Install the various components of Service Manager.
  • Describe the various implementation options (such as default ports, load balancing, components).
  • Perform tasks and set-up activities that are generally performed prior to moving the system to Production.
  • Perform ongoing monitoring, debugging, troubleshooting, and administrative tasks.
  • Perform additional administrative tasks related to reporting, surveys, and customizing the Web client.
  • Configuring Smart Analytics.
  • Performing health check.
  • Managing your entity relationships, running data reference check reports, and generating entity relationship diagrams.
  • Apply a server patch.
  • Check servlet utilization.
  • Quiesce the system.
  • Check and test backups.
  • Check system locks.
  • Debug a suspended/hung system.
  • Check updates to Information Retrieval (IR) files.
  • Configure the On Call schedule.
  • Monitor email.
  • Purge and archive data.
  • Import and export data.
  • Check RDBMS file size limit.
  • Manage views and favorites.
  • Install the Windows client.
  • Install the Web tier.
  • Install and configure the online help.
  • Install the Knowledge Management (KM) Search Engine.
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