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ATM Integration Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0576

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(1395 days ago)

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Banking & Finance

  • Experience in adding/updating /deleting/configuring new / existing ATM sites in Intrusion systems (Building Integrated System “BIS”), (Remote programming System “RPS”) and D6200 (receiver) for COMPANY’S servers.
  • Have prior knowledge for extracting reports & to do daily health check for finding no connection sites /communication issues for all above intrusion applications (BIS, RPS & D6200).
  • Have prior experience /knowledge in CCTV applications like Vanguard DSS, in order to update/configure existing / upcoming sites whenever required
  • Have prior experience /knowledge in extracting health check reports for above CCTV applications in order to find /resolve no connection site issues daily wise.
  • Have good communication/interpersonal skills to coordinate with other deportment for HSS requirement e.g. IPs, project weekly schedule, etc. and with security vendor companies to deal with ongoing/existing issues related to above all systems and to follow-up in timely manner until resolving them and to give a daily update to involved stakeholder in ATM Integration project.
  • Follow and assist in all new site integration to COMPANY’S network by confirming the connectivity status of the sites to the involved stakeholder.
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