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Solutions Architect

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0398

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(1351 days ago)

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  • 10+ year experience in solution architecture & design for large scale Lead to Cash implementation and/or designing systems like CRM, Billing, Commercial Order Management, Service Provisioning & Activation, ERP etc. for telecommunications operators.
  • Experience of working with industry leading vendors is preferable.
  • Ensure a reasonable Success Rate of the solution in use to be measured by customer & Sponsors.
  • Ensure that considerable man hours are saved via automation and/or process improvements.
  • Solution Architect to ensue that there are no missing functionalities.
  • Ensure that Systems overall performance is improved after transformation.
  • Work on reducing Time to Market for new products & services.
  • Work on reducing Human Error Rate.
  • Ensure that there is minimum or no data inconsistency in the solutions.
  • Ensure reduction in severity level and frequency of security incidents.
  • Ensure up to date and robust architecture.
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