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Senior Telecom Operations Engineer - Saudi Citizen

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0328

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(1813 days ago)

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  • Responsible for Preparing Service Architecture of DWDM, SDH, DVM, VSAT and other networks in accordance with SLA & existing Network infrastructure.
  • Planning, scoping, manage and implement telecom, data and network services for company internal and external customers.
  • Responsible to analyze serious faults of network and prepare plan for improvement of Metro and Backbone networks.
  • Responsible for service fulfillment of business services.
  • Responsible to Scope, evaluate and supervise implementation of managed services of vendor
  • Responsible for service assurance of business services.
  • Customer Care (Non-Technical support): Act as first point of contact for customer. Address queries related to entitlement.
  • Responsible for contributing to requirements of any tools (Service fulfillment & assurance) as well as for acceptance of any tools for service fulfillment and service assurance, required for provisioning and monitoring of respective services offered to customers.
  • Responsible for forecasting resource requirements to support new services / new customers.
  • Responsible for testing & validating the fulfillment & assurance process for new services and validating the feasibility of any proposed Service SLAs.
  • Responsible for setup of any on site managed NOC services for mega projects.
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