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Senior Business Development Executive

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0319

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  • Gather inputs from both market, customers and internal stakeholders to support identifying new opportunities / threats and develop new product ideas.
  • Draft feasibility studies for new product ideas to identify the viability of the new opportunities.
  • Draft business concepts and business cases (including description of the opportunity, description of internal and external stakeholders, financial analysis, high level process / value chain, benchmarking studies if applicable, products’ phases and target thresholds to be met between products’ phases).
  • Coordinate with Product Management Team and related stakeholders to follow up with the implementation and launching of new products.
  • Provide support to identify product enhancement and optimization efforts through market feedback and / or internal stakeholders’ inputs.
  • Draft business concepts and cases for product enhancement and optimization opportunities.
  • Coordinate with Technology and Product Management Teams to implement and launch enhancements and optimizations to the current products.
  • Support the coordination with Strategic Partnership Team during new product development, enhancement and optimization efforts to ensure that are aligned to launch and maintain products.
  • Support the coordination with various Business Development Teams to align through common goals and targets, to build new partnerships, to identify business opportunities or to facilitate new products or initiatives based on the stakeholder demands.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in MIS, Management or related field
  • 5+ years of work experience in business development.
  • Certifications in Business Development and MIS are pluses.
  • Competent in MS-Office applications.
  • Experience in public, semi-public domain as well as real estate business domain are pluses.
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