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Senior IN BO Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0317

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(1830 days ago)

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  • Very Good knowledge of all Charging system nodes, SDP, CCN, AIR, VS, ECMS, OCC, IVR & NgCRS
  • Very Good knowledge on Tariff and RMA handling.
  • Very Good knowledge on IN Business Configuration.
  • VMware expertise - Advanced proficiency with vSphere, vCenter(6.x), vSAN/Data store/vSwitch and other VMware products and platforms(ESXI 6.x), Host Clustering with HA
  • Experience on HP 3PAR Storage Configuration(LUN, Volumes, CPG),Firmware upgrades and Operations, Capacity Planning for HP 3 PAR Storage
  • Responsibilities include installation, upgrades, system patching, configuration and monitoring of virtualization servers( HP C7000, Gen 9 Blade Architecture), chassis management
  • Experience in Configuration of SAN Switches, Network Bay Switches on HP C7000
  • Virtual Machine Installation on ESXI using OVF
  • Administration & Installation of Ericsson Charging system nodes(SDP/AIR/OCC/CSNMT) on Virtualized Hardware(HP C7000)
  • Understanding on Capacity planning, Network design & Network Impact for Ericsson CS Nodes
  • Automation using SUF Playlist and Jobs for SDP Geo Redundancy setup ,Switchover and Fallback of SDP Traffic during disaster
  • Excellent knowledge of Control Network, i.e. system, HW / SW, functionality, basic troubleshooting.
  • Excellent knowledge of the network topology, its traffic handling capabilities and traffic characteristics.
  • Basic knowledge in Ericsson Nodes (MSC/GMSC/STP/HLR).
  • Basic knowledge on Routing/Traffic Routing/ Nodes integration/ Triggering Tables.
  • Should be able to understand performance report.
  • Good experience in CSR handling.
  • Should have experience of HW & SW up-gradation.
  • Good knowledge of all network elements and their main characteristics.
  • Good / excellent knowledge of the Core Network management system functionality and application use, (surveillance, performance, configuration).
  • Conceptual Knowledge on OSS, GPRS and other related concepts.
  • Emergency Handling in Operator's GSM
  • Good knowledge of network implementation / integration processes.
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