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Operations Manager - Telecom

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0312

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(1796 days ago)

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  • In charge of operation support department of MSD
  • Responsible for build up a good administration platform for MSD.
  • In charge of contract issue among customer, Huawei, subcontractor, can guide and support team members can work according the contract.
  • In charge of spare parts management, ensure spare parts can support delivery and achieve SLA requirement.
  • In charge of implement effective O&M processes, procedures and establish work standards.
  • Responsible for team building of MSD, include training, HR management, PBC management, etc.
  • In charge of finance control of MSD, such as budgeting, cost control, monitoring & implementation.
  • Interface with related department, such as admin, CEG, HR, IT, etc. keep good relationship with other department..
  • In charge of MSD team’s evaluation.
  • Daily service quality improvement of administration platform.
  • HR management of MSD, include recruitment, training, adjustment, release, team building, etc
  • Daily spare parts management.
  • Work flow and standard research, design, publish, implement and improvement.
  • Routine PR/PO management.
  • Contract study and knowledge transfer, implement.
  • Visa of MSD staffs’ management.
  • Monthly finance report output, project budgeting, cost control, monitoring & implementation.
  • Organize quarterly review of all PBC of MSD.
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