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Regional Manager - Field Maintenance

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0307

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(1843 days ago)

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Regional Manager – Field Maintenance
  • Responsible for the acceptance of all Vendor’s sites, including the sites assets and documents according to related processes, and complete the site problem check and collection cooperated with customer and Vendors, report to related departments.
  • Responsible for the disposal of TTs from NOC (I-NOC system), and resolution of the problems in time and feedback within agreed SLA
  • Maintenance Plan Implementation: Responsible for the implementation of PM plan and Hardware check list, including main equipments, power, and generator and so on
  • Responsible for the assets’ register and report
  • Responsible for the routine management of assets, including site attendance management and timely report of asset change, lose, and damage
  • Responsible for the verification of site assets quantity and availability
  • Responsible for the application, warehouse, and use record of spare parts and consumables
  • Responsible for the power charge, maintenance of relationship with owner, and keep the tidy of site environment.
  • Overall managing the whole region’s related activities, issues, etc and being able to handle the related region’s tasks from A to Z.
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