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Team Leader - Transformation

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0305

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(1495 days ago)

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  • Establish, review & control all processes
  • Responsible for ensuring the quality operation job by auditing /evaluation process
  • Responsible for ensuring the quality of regional FM Subcontractor delivery job activities by the routine verify of SP, WH, PM CM, including site attendance management and timely report ,and Vandalism cases
  • Responsible to manage MS Documents managements, Network Topology, Work Load Management.
  • Analysis of actions on extra MS work actives
  • Verify periodically spares, tools, equipment’s, SC resource, SC resource skill to ensure the process .
  • Provisioning of O&M scheduled reports
  • Analysis the network fault level, ensure fault level Definition & working as per regulation
  • Customer complaint handling and resolution
  • Generate weekly reports for tasks carried out
  • Overall managing related activities, issues, etc. and being able to ensure the quality of related region’s tasks from A to Z.
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