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Partners Expert

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0256

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  • Partners expert leads the end-to-end relationship with existing and potential partners; she/he identifies, scouts, signs, engages with external partners to facilitate the cooperation; and supports overall product lifecycle from an external partnership standpoint in design, management and implementation.
  • Identification of partners for cooperation and common products development - research of potential partners, evaluation of partners capabilities, discussions and negotiations, contracting of partners.
  • Management of relationship with partners.
  • Settlement with partners - measurement and monitoring of agreed SLAs, analysis and reporting of common products performance, calculation of financial settlement with partners following rules of partnership, cooperation with Finance to execute financial settlement.
  • Cooperation on product design and implementation with Product management - products concepts development, products specifications, products implementation planning and execution.
  • Cooperation on product life-cycle management with Product management - analysis of products performance, reporting of results, products design adjustments to improve performance, products termination.
  • Bachelors in Business Management, Economics, Marketing or Psychology (administrative and/or social sciences).
  • Proven experience of handling commercial agreements with local or regional digital partners (e.g., media content providers or global brands).
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