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Major Projects Manager - HVAC

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0228

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(1692 days ago)

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  • Work closely with the End users on the major projects.
  • Manage all the prestigious project from the design stage till the delivery of the equipment
  • Attending the Strategic projects meeting with the Middle East team.
  • Provide Presentation on the complete products and services portfolio to key customers and end users.
  • Manage and work on all water cooled centrifugal projects starting from the quotation stage, project negotiation, factory correspondence, project compliance.
  • Support CSSC team on all the major and particular the water cooled projects.
  • Coordinate with the CMS/ RLC team on the pipeline update to present to the middle east top management through CRM.
  • Support the regional team on the product gaps and improvement.
  • Manage and lead the complex project as a whole including the CMS, RLC, Pumps & cooling towers.