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Core Network Engineer - UDC

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0170

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(2131 days ago)

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  • Solid experience on ERICSSON UDC system: CUDB,HSS-FE,HLR-FE,PG,UPG.
  • Solid experience on ERICSSON AXE , EBS and TSP platform.
  • Knowledge on DRA is plus.
  • Solid experience on Linux/Unix.
  • Solid knowledge on IP networking and MySQL database.
  • Solid knowledge on following domains : IMS architecture, standards and protocols, DNS, ENUM, SNMP, SIP, LDAP, Radius, Diameter, IPv6, SS7, etc.
  • Can work independently, easy to work with and strong team work spirit.
  • Solution thinking abilities.
  • Minimum years of experience at least 3 in ERICSSON UDC system.
  • Experience in programming Scripting languages such as Linux Shell, AWK.
  • Solid knowledge of TCP/IP, HTTP protocols in mobile telephony
  • Unix/Linux knowledge.
  • Knowledge/experience in the GSM/WCDMA/GPRS/LTE areas
  • Tracing tools, Wireshark, Net hawk or others
  • Routing knowledge
  • IP Security
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Previous experience on support services in telecommunications or IP Networks