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Nokia Optimization Engineer


Job ID SNS-0162

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(2420 days ago)

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  • Will be responsible to understand the customer’s network performance and lead optimization activities to tune the RF network for better performance / quality and capacity utilization.
  • KPI monitoring at project / regional level and periodical study in order to improve customer’s network performance.
  • Will be responsible to analyze the KPI / counters and performance statistics to identify issues, solve complex problems.
  • Studies and propose pro-active measures to prevent performance degradations and customer complaints.
  • Covers tasks such as performance audits, quality and capacity optimization, parameter planning, network feature testing and introduction in the network, network statistics analysis, troubleshooting and performance / capacity management.
  • Independently develops RF optimization plans / solutions, features and field tests (e.g. drive tests, indoor measurements, etc…).
  • Leads and instructs other team members on RF network optimization activities.
  • Prioritizes RF optimization activities to address most critical ones based on customer, end user and Nokia business impact.
  • High level of expertise in Nokia 2G/3G/4G parameters, counters, KPIs and features.
  • Ability to lead all activites for the maintenance and improvement of network KPI's.
  • In depth trouble-shooting capability for analysis of network statistics, KPIs and drive test logs.
  • Excellent communication skills, especially ability to interface with customer and end-users (VIP / Business customers).