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Core Field Switch Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0158

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(2165 days ago)

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  • Will be working on 1st level O&M in different platform AXE, CPP, BSP, TSP, (TMSC, of BSC, RNC, MSC, STP, SCP, HLR, GMSC, FNR, MGW, MSC server of APZ 212 33 / 40 / 50/60 & APG 40 NT / 2003 and APG43 , TMSC, MSC-S, BSC, RNC, MSC-BC, SCP, STP, HLR, FNR, HSS, UDC,ITSC (APZ212/ 33/ 40 / 50/60, APG40 NT / 2003/ APG 43) & MGW & MPBN (routers and switches)).
  • Daily, weekly & monthly routine checks & maintinanace of all platform and nodes (core & Access and ITSC).
  • STM (ET1551),ET4-1 & ETC5 interconnection and testing including ODF & DDF activities.
  • First Line O&M in All SS & BSS Nodes (2G & 3G).
  • Call test matrix along the premises.
  • PAT of new nodes.
  • Hardware maintenance.
  • Interface maintenance for (core & Access and ITSC), APG40 and APG43.
  • Fault finding using protocol analyser.
  • Emergency handling in case of Restart or Reload in the system.
  • Make sure that the network and relevant equipment problems escalated from the surveillance are indentified and rectified.
  • System problems are to be identified and escalated to Core Back-office System engineers.
  • Investigate and correct service and network problems according to agreed timing and standards set.
  • Responsible for the hardware inventory & request for any additional HW to the FSE team leader.
  • Provide the FSE team leader with reports of work done & co-operate fully.