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Core BO Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0157

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(2167 days ago)

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  • Advanced O& M experience within Ericsson GSM/WCDMA core network (AXE & MGw platforms).
  • Exceptional troubleshooting skills of traffic-related issues (MSS, BC, BSP , MSC, FNR/HLR,UDC, STP, and MGW) through adapting existing procedures, methods and tools.
  • Advanced understanding of signaling protocols such as SS7/IP, GCP, CAP, MAP, INAP, SCCP, ISUP, BICC, SIP, Diameter, SOAP and ATM.
  • Network topology, its traffic handling capabilities and traffic characteristics.
  • Using different kind of Protocol analyzers: K15, Masterclaw, Wireshark.
  • Should have strong knowledge on STS performance reports.
  • Extensive experience in maintaining and improving key performance indicators KPIs: LU, ASR, Paging, HO...etc.
  • PLEX knowledge and software tracing is a plus.
  • DT related configurations: A, B, IMSI and EOS analysis, Signaling & Traffic Routing/ Nodes integration/ Triggering Tables/AXEPARS.
  • Using different Ericsson tools: Primus, MHWEB, ERICOLL, KCS.
  • Ability to interpret network design documents and contribute in preventing mistakes and ensure first-time correct implementation of change requests.
  • Integrating new nodes RNC, BSC & VAS nodes (SMSc, ICS…).
  • HLR data handling experience (including subscriber’s profiles & HLR Redundancy).
  • Troubleshooting HW-related problems (APZ21250/60 and APG).
  • Should have experience on HW & SW AXE upgrades.
  • Very good skills in Emergency Handling.
  • Good experience on CELLO platform, MO-Shell, FTP, Telnet.
  • CCNP level or higher in IP.
  • Experience in working on Extreme switches and IPprobe.
  • Basic Linux knowledge.
  • Exceptional troubleshooting skills in UDC plateform: HSS, CUDB and PG.