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SAP CRM Specialist

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0130

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(2610 days ago)

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  • SAP CRM consultant to join an ongoing green field SAP implemen-tation project.
  • Resource to have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to support SAP UI5.
  • UI5 apps need data from either odata or some REST based services or RFCs. SAP ABAP skills are required to write odata services or rest based ser-vices that fetch data from SAP systems (ECC, CRM) to the UI5 layer.
  • JavaScript and Knowledge on UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5), Knowledge on User interfaces based on JavaScript for mobile and web applications.
  • Experience in SAP Mobile Platform in areas like SAP UI5, HTML5, Portal on Device (SAP Portal, Mobile Edition), Knowledge of Cross application navigation among Fioris Ability to write codes via APIs Skills on Model View Controller, data binding, and components Expertise in Enterprise portal content design development using HTMLB and Portal Components including KM, Collaboration, ESS/MSS, Visual Composer, MDM Java APIs, BPM Java APIs, UWL and Adobe forms using NWDS.
  • Ability to Integrate Gateway OData services for integrating SAP with UI5
  • Client Facing and Business oriented Excellent communication.
  • Interpersonal and presentation skills Should be an excellent team player and be able to manage work for off-shore resources towards project deliverables.
  • Proven ability to work independently and team environments.
  • Set up and configure Portal content, navigation, security, integration with ui5 JAVASCRIPT skills, XML and probably HTML and Chrome Developer Tools.
  • SAP Portal, WebDynpro Java, Adobe Forms, KM Configuration Devel-opments, NWDI, SAP BPM, Web AS, Enterprise Workspaces, JAVA De-velopments with NetWeaver, CE and BPM, Wikis, Forums, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori Apps, Portal On Device and PO 731.