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Administration & ID Officer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0126

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(2245 days ago)

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  • To facilitate, in accordance with the pass process flow charts shown on the COMPANY’S electronic Business Management System (BMS), various databases, electronic and hard-copy files and records, the efficient running of the company’s Passes Section. The role holder, i.e. the Passes Officer (PassO), will be one of two PassO’s responsible for the administration of pass applications for the Central Region area of responsibility within the header contracts for Managed Services and Programme Management under the control and supervision of the Passes Section Team Leader (Passes TL). The PassO will also provide advice to line and Project Managers in the Central Region who require to submit pass applications in respect of the Western and Eastern Sectors.
  • The day-to-day running of the COMPANY’S Passes Section will be carried out by the Passes TL.
  • One PassO will normally be responsible for all permanent pass applications, whilst the other PassO will be responsible for temporary pass applications. However, the roles are to be fully inter-changeable, as directed by the Passes TL, e.g. for surge requirements or to provide cover during leave periods.
  • Administer pass applications, either permanent or temporary type passes, including the control of databases and records as directed by the Passes TL.
  • To advise the Passes TL of any escalation issues.
  • To liaise with the MOD Liaison Officer Central Region (LOCR) and Arabic Section (passes personnel) in all matters relating to SANG pass applications.
  • Liaise with National Guard Headquarters G2 Departments (SANG passes) and SANG Special Brigade (Palace passes) as directed by the MOD Arabic Section, e.g. to resolve a query.
  • Provide timely notice of the imminent expiry of a SANG permanent pass to COMPANY’S employees and Sub-contractors in order to renew the pass without delay.
  • Definition, design and use of database in conjunction with the Passes TL.
  • Judgement in the methods of using the database, reports and applications under Passes TL supervision.
  • Access to confidential matters including pass applications under MOD and SANG direction.
  • Administration of all processes and procedures involved in SANG pass applications, noting that pass requirements differ depending on the type of pass required. Administration is to include advising the Passes TL when updates to the COMPANY’S “SANG Pass Application Procedure” are necessary.
  • Have at last 3 years of experience in providing administrative support to a commercial business.
  • Computer literacy with specific detailed knowledge of MS Office.
  • The ability to prepare draft reports and letters on behalf of the Passes TL.
  • A formal education with general qualifications suited to role.
  • Good keyboard skills, typing speed and accuracy.
  • Good telephone manner.
  • Must possess a valid driving license from Country of origin.