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Instrumentation Engineer

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0116

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(2627 days ago)

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Oil & Energy

  • Very good experience in Oil and Gas (offshore & onshore), Refineries and Petrochemicals sector Equipment / Spare parts, Spare Parts Data Package (SPDP) used in Capital projects and its Operations.
  • Good Understanding on company Engineering Procedure (SAEP), Specifications Guidelines.
  • Wide knowledge of codes and industry standards such as IEEE, NFPA, API, IEC, ANSI / NEMA.
  • Ability to review SPDP from Vendors or Contractors, to ensure all back up / supporting documents required from OEM / OEM for proponent / MRO are available and certified.
  • Ability to raise Interchangeable Parts (ICP) review sheet to the vendor or manufacturer until the SPDP will be acceptable for cataloging as per SAEP.
  • Ability to ensure, all spare parts from OEM / Supplier is matching without any discrepancy according to Company Cataloging procurement Guidelines.
  • Ability to Issue an acceptable review sheet once all documents required for cataloging are completed.
  • Ability to forecast Electrical system (for example, Electrical power systems, Protection philosophy, Protection device coordination, Transmission & Distributions systems etc.,) and related equipment failures during plant operation.
  • Should have good experience on equipment / spare parts and identify Wearable, Non-wearable and consumables parts for inventory stock.
  • Very good competent in the use of PC application program (Microsoft Office suite or equivalent) and Good knowledge on SAP Master Data management System (MDM).
  • Ability to participate in business discussion, Technical discussion, coordination between Company departments & its subsidiaries, QA/QC Manager and Inventory & Purchase team and relevant authorities.
  • Ability to build and train a team on development of Spare Parts Data Package (SPDP) contents.
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in Oil and Gas Energy sector.
  • Very good knowledge on Capital project Equipment, Spare parts and Operation materials.