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Level 2 Siebel Specialist - 25 Positions

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0099

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  • Primary responsibility is to provide overall support for CRM system and other production support activities relating to CRM.
  • Ensure CRM SOP is accurately maintained.
  • Write system scripts to be run either manually or automatically by the system.
  • Meet quality and performance KPI with supporting documents.
  • Ensure that upper management is informed on all critical issues pertaining to the area responsible for.
  • Assist with development and implementation for work-around/ permanent solutions for provisioning related problems.
  • System Authority: Users creation and assigning routine authorities, changing routine authorities, Field level authority setup as per business requirement.
  • Order monitoring and reconciliation. Monitor orders that have exceptional status, unassigned or fail to generate work order.
  • Maintain and check accounts opening & cancellation and service status changing.
  • Monitor whether there is exceptional fluctuation or trend and resolve that Modification of channel information, configuration of new channels, and deletion of old channels.
  • Configure and maintain the inventory information, such as SIM card and phone number.
  • Maintain the customer centricity data and identity within CRM and assure consistency across CRM and all CRM interfaced system (provision and CRM, CRM and Billing).
  • Maintain the CRM performance and live cycle of the product catalogue and product life cycle.