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Sales Engineer - Energy

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0088

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(2364 days ago)

Job type

Oil & Energy

  • Technical support to sales in Middle East region in Energy market (Oil and Gas, Refinery, Polymers, Chemicals).
  • Selection / Sizing / Validation of separation technologies from company’s portfolio including particulate filtration, liquid-liquid coalescence, liquid-gas coalescence.
  • Technical survey of customer’s installations, identification of bottlenecks/production issues.
  • Preparation and realisation of semi-industrial tests by using pilot units at customer’s sites, reporting of field test results, writing reports and recommendations.
  • Presentation of appropriate technical solution.
  • Operator’s training on new installations, Troubleshooting on existing installations.
  • Technical support to sales team, optimization of customers processes, identification of customer issues and selection of the proper technology in company’s portfolio to optimize customer process, field tests for LG and LL coalescers technology and disposable filters.
  • Reporting of field tests and writing of technical recommendations, sizing from field tests results or customer’s datasheets, presentation of technical solution to customer technical staff and management, troubleshooting on existing units, process commissioning of new units
  • Daily support to technical inside sales team
  • Quarterly activity report