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Security Solutions Architect


Job ID SNS-0065

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(2422 days ago)

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  • Video-surveillance solution design (including Infra-red, lighting, using software simulations tools to produce reports)
  • Perimeter security solution design (including fences selection, lighting, different detection and intrusion detection sensors)
  • Building security solution design (Video-surveillance ,different detection and intrusion detection sensors …)
  • Access control to open areas and Access control to buildings, including pedestrian and vehicles, access security solution design.
  • Hardware dimensioning and hardware configuration (servers, storage, routers, switches, IP)
  • Software dimensioning and configuration (software specifications, licenses, SW integrations …)
  • Transmission bandwidth dimensioning and calculation, IP, IP traffic design
  • Support subcontractor in the process of the integration of Milestone or equivalent software to a higher level supervisor software
  • Support subcontractor in producing software and hardware adaptations to integrate security products into the solution when necessary (to integrate sensors for example when not supported …)
  • Take the overall responsibility of the End to End SEC Solution design.
  • Deliver the high level, the low level and all the necessary Acceptance test procedures for the solution and handover documentation. (customer and internal)
  • Update the solution during the solution analysis and per customer request.
  • sSupport the Sourcing in the possible review, revaluate or updated of the Selected 3PPs selected products
  • Responsible for the total solution delivery (insuring total integrity of the solution with other parties, transmission, IP, Power, Optical fiber, LAN, Civil work …)
  • Being the Single point of contact for all the technical discussions and for the 3PPs
  • Coordinate with and support other solution architects for domains (Transmission, IP, Power, Optical fiber, LAN, Civil work …)
  • Produce all necessary internal change requests.
  • Support the ‘core 3’ team (presales) in the production of the customer offers for the PDMs (Ericsson’s change request responses)
  • Provide the necessary support to the ILS team ( the Ericsson support after project delivery) in building the support offer and strategy
  • Review and correct if necessary existing Solutions
  • Fluent in French: All project documentation and project deliverables are produced in an academic French.
  • AutoCAD proficiency: Design documentation are produced in AutoCAD