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Project Manager - Deployed Systems

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0058

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(2444 days ago)

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  • Primary responsibility for the project lifecycle from concept development, selection, design, delivery and implementation, system integration, testing and customer acceptance to the Saudi Arabian National Guard.
  • Responsible for the project capture and definition of all new business opportunities in order to deliver annual business targets and margin within the deployable systems portfolio area.
  • Responsible for the development, management and coordination of supplier selection process to deliver quality and effective outputs in support of the customer requirements.
  • Responsible for the development, management, coordination and delivery of deployable systems projects ensuring that all project outputs are delivered within cost, time and quality metrics.
  • Responsible to the Programme Manager for fulfilling the contractual responsibilities for the assigned projects and as covered by the terms and conditions of the Contract.
  • Work with the customer to fully understand customer requirements in order to deliver project outputs.
  • Provide regular weekly project highlight reports to Deployed System Programme Manager; manage project exceptions throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Manage all projects in accordance with agreed plans and schedule throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Manage and coordinate company’s acquisition process in order to deliver annual order intake targets as allocated.
  • Manage project resources to ensure all project documentation is produced in accordance to plans and quality, in particular SOR, SOW, ITT, CTP, ILS, ATP, SDD.
  • Manage, coordinate and produce outputs for all project reviews including gate reviews, design reviews, project risk and planning reviews as a minimum.
  • Support the Programme Manager in the production of customer reports including weekly Technical Committee, monthly programme delivery working group and quarterly reports.
  • Ensure risks are defined, maintained, reported and mitigation plans are followed to reduced project risk and opportunities taken.
  • Produce, maintain and implement project management plans including schedules, documentation, configuration control and risk management.
  • Ensure all projects follow thorough testing and acceptance practices in order to ensure project outputs meet requirements and standards as agreed with the customer.
  • Capture and produce lessons throughout the project lifecycle in order to improve company’s processes and procedures.
  • Coordinate with department / functional heads, resource owners and PMO to ensure sufficient resources, are allocated to meet project plans.
  • Coordinate with the finance department for all financial aspects of assigned projects
  • Coordinate with the commercial department for all commercial and contractual aspects of assigned projects.
  • Coordinate with the Quality Department to ensure all aspects of project quality are delivered in accordance with defined standards.
  • Liaise with Commercial, Quality and Finance departments to ensure all project financial milestones are delivered in accordance with agreed plans.
  • Coordinate with training specialist and Managed Services training staff for the design, testing, acceptance and documentation in support of training projects.
  • Where required, coordinate with Managed Services for the delivery and handover of projects on the requirements for Transition, Quality Assurance and Acceptance Testing.
  • Anticipate and proactively to manage all project activities, milestones and financial targets.
  • Develop effective working relationships and trust with the customer and sub-contractors.
  • Act decisively and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Adopt a disciplined approach to ensure effective project planning and control.
  • Apply the company’s lifecycle management to all assigned projects.
  • Update project databases, risk registers and documentation as required for the projects assigned.