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Project Manager - Integration

United Arab Emirates

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  • Excellence in project management is achieved when the leader of the project delivers the results required by all stakeholders. This requires managing the many variables that occur, during the life of the project. The projects that a project manager is responsible for are likely to be large and strategically important. While not complete the following responsibilities show the breadth of issues the project manager needs to manage.
  • Deliver to customers all facets of project performance, often exceeding their expectations. Represent Company’s in a positive way and work with account management to build the relationship with customers to enable future business growth. Achieve customer deadlines. Take accountability for project performance. Ensure a project plan is prepared and maintained. Actively seek previous experience and follow the company’s project management method. Manage the plan using the negotiated resources. Measure performance and take corrective action where necessary. Manage a change management process to provide change control.
  • Responsible for delivering the commercial outcomes required from the project. Conduct stakeholder analysis and provide the interface with all stakeholders, manage this interface and all expectations. Manage the interface between company and the customer. Liaise with the company’s business units and regularly report to the sponsor. Manage varying end customer expectations both stated and unstated. Negotiate project conditions with the ordering organisation. Clarify definition of mandate, details of contract and manage contract variations.
  • Manage the relationship with internal and where applicable external customers to monitor and manage any changes to requirements or expectations. Ensure acceptance of project deliverables by stakeholder/customer/sponsor.
  • Monitor new planning techniques, incorporating as necessary. Use a formal process to estimate times for all activities, sequence them and then prepare the schedule. Control performance to meet the deliverables according to the schedule. Support other project managers in planning projects.
  • Plan, allocate and manage budgets and P&L. Monitor cash flow. Give forewarning of any deviations from budget. Provide tender support for estimating and bid process. Control the budget within the limits of the project specification and the amount released by the project sponsor through the contract. Seek approval from the sponsor for any anticipated expenditure above the project budget.
  • Establish quality requirements and manage project to ensure compliance. Ensure all variations are agreed, documented and managed. Ensure a project information base is maintained through an approved project specification, regular reports and minutes, and a final report. Ensure the project uses suitable work processes and where applicable suggest improvements to the line organisation. Incorporate change management methodology as required in projects. Use project health check and reviews as a way of objectively monitoring project performance. Monitor the effectiveness of processes, suggesting improvements where necessary to the process owner.
  • Implement a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders, provide regular reports. Proactively seek new business while providing market information as to future business opportunities.
  • Use risk management to minimise cost variations and deviations from schedule while delivering to the stakeholders confidence in the project.
  • Ensure the right competence is available in the project team, develop further competence as required. Manage third party equipment and suppliers as well as sub-contractors. Liaise and negotiate with line managers both locally and globally Ensure approval of resources from both the line organisation and the sponsor. Manage the resources, which may be people, equipment or finances, according to the project plan. Ensure appropriate tools and competence to use them is available to the project team.