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Core Network Engineer - UDC


Job ID SNS-0052

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(2451 days ago)

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  • Preventive, Corrective and Planned Corrective Maintenance.
  • Timely Node and/or Functionality Restoration according to KPI established levels.
  • Ensure Trouble Ticket (TTs) turn-around times meet established SLA levels.
  • Configuration Change Introduction and Management.
  • Creation and Improvement of O&M procedures and routines in order to keep performance and availability at KPI established levels
  • Handover Quality Assurance for new Nodes and Services.
  • Routine activities (i.e. as per daily, weekly checklists, etc) to assess the node/service’s overall health and performance.
  • Periodic backups of nodes as per backup schedule.
  • Trouble Ticket (TT) handling
  • Change Request (CR) handling.
  • Reporting and Escalation of faults to Supplier Support (e.g. CSR handling).
  • Node and Functionality restoration during Emergencies.
  • Prepare and Implement Data Transcripts changes for system improvements, inter-node connectivity, international roaming agreements, and optimal routing.
  • Prepare and implement subscriber data modifications for end-user services / customer care.
  • Prepare and Implement configuration changes for overall system/functionality improvement and/or optimization.
  • Participate in New Node and/or New Service and/or Upgrade Projects together with Supplier (e.g. Network Rollout projects) as (i) an advisor and point of reference for operational feasibility, (ii) during the Acceptance /ATP, and (iii) to ensure a Quality Handover that focuses on maintainability and supportability of Node/Service.
  • Participate in On-Call Schedule on rotational basis.
  • Provide performance reporting with adequate information i.e. root-cause analysis, to enable stakeholders determine appropriate long-term improvements with of Network Optimisation team.
  • Administration, Installation and Reconciliation of subscribers in accordance with other processes/teams within the enterprise e.g. billing, marketing, IN Prepaid/SL, Design and Engineering.