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Operation Manager - Power Generation Plant

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0048

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(2473 days ago)

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Oil & Energy

  • Responsible for the overall administration and supervision of operation staff and operating activities including planned shut down and starting of the plant in accordance with established work plans schedules and ensuring safety of all personnel and environment.
  • Participate in and concur all decisions regarding new design criteria, technical specifications and operating methods related to the plant.
  • Preparing the plant operating budget and cost control system.
  • Conduct regular meetings to discuss work progress, schedules, problems, interferences, priorities etc.
  • Responsible for efficiency and progress of work in accordance with production schedules and established standards.
  • Responsible for initiating changes in methods, schedules and procedures needed to meet specific exigencies of the plant operations after suitable approval from the Plant Manager.
  • Maintain reporting system which provides sufficient data to ensure that operations are being accomplished within the specified limits, schedules and technical parameters.
  • Ensure and advise on proper and effective allocation and development of human resources to ensure maximum efficiency. Submit periodic reports to his supervisor and keep him informed on all technical problems, if any, as well as on new changes or modifications on existing work plant or schedule.
  • Ensure Environmental Aspect-Impact and Hazard Risk Assessment are carried out, controlled and updated.
  • Identify, establish and monitor IMS objectives, Targets and programs.
  • Provide necessary resources for effective implementation and sustenance of IMS.
  • Report IMS performance to the management periodically.
  • Ensure Legal compliance with respect to their scope of activities.
  • Ensure identification of root cause for the identified non conformances/ deviations and to implement corrective actions/Preventive actions.
  • Identify the competency gap for their subordinate personnel and implement necessary actions.
  • Carry out annual performance evaluation of reporting employees9. Responsible for waste management.
  • Ensure the provision of PPE and other safety equipment’s to the working personnel in the plant.