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Capability Delivery Manager

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0045

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  • Responsible for leading development and delivery of the LMS and IDTC with the respective Suppliers as part of the agile development of the training deliverables. Specifically, familiar with release and backlog management.
  • Development, Testing and Acceptance of the LMS and IDTC to ensure Technical Transfer of the contracted TI Phase 2B project deliverables is successfully achieved within Time, Cost and Scope.
  • Ensuring accurate reporting of Sprint and Project progress primarily through the use of ‘burn down’ charts and Earn Value reports.
  • Provide high-level expert advice, guidance and support to the TI2B project team on equipment and system training matters
  • Once TI Phase 2B Project deliveries are completed, prepare appropriate training material on the delivered LMS and respective courseware in order to then conduct training to SANG Students on the use of the delivered LMS and modern IDTC.
  • During Training Delivery, provide ongoing support and assistance to SANG students on the LMS and IDTC
  • Responsible to the SPM, but working within the TI Phase 2B proposals/ implementation team on a daily basis.
  • Liaise with NGSS staff to aid planning and maintain knowledge of current training and ongoing developments.
  • Liaise with the UK MoD, Company’s Programme Portfolios, OM&T departments, SANG and courseware/LMS developers as directed to gather information on identified tasks.
  • Support NGSS Training and Development Staff where required with tasks relating to training development.
  • Potential travel to regions to assist other departments with the delivery of TI Phase 2B training or External Validation (EXVAL) process as required.
  • Support Training scoping activities and meetings, engaging with MOD/SANG personnel and Sub-contractors.
  • Provide advice and support where required to both Internal and External Validation (INVAL/EXVAL) on related courses delivered by the project.
  • Work with the SANG SC and MOD to define, agree and develop the associated trade structures and career planning within the LMS and ensure full data population/migration.
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent in an appropriate discipline.
  • Detailed understanding and experience in the use and delivery of Learning Management and Learning Content Management Training Systems
  • Detailed understanding and experience in the development of IDTC through the use of Agile Methodologies
  • Understanding of information modeling. i.e who will have access to what information, what interaction is required between the various sub systems, how best to represent the information to the student.
  • Experience in facilitating User Acceptance Tests. i.e understanding the ‘test and adjust’ process to bringing the system into operation.
  • Sound understanding of bid management and commercial practice
  • Excellent Customer relationship experience.
  • Strong standard of written and spoken English.
  • Business experience in the design, development and delivery of training projects.
  • Experience in implementation of ‘Adoption Strategies’ in order to get both students and instructors on board.
  • Knowledge and experience in the use and deployment of other modern training.