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Senior FTTH Design Engineer


Job ID SNS-0036

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  • Design network infrastructure in line with our clients standards.
  • Develop in coordination with the Senior Design Engineer, the required OSP/ISP design guidelines/practices/procedure codes and technical specifications and materials list for civil works, and fibre distribution & management (trenches, ducts and subducts, fibres distribution, manholes, handholes etc...).
  • Ensure that FTTH network infrastructure is scalable and up to agreed upon design standards.
  • Coordinate the transition from planning to design of the FTTH network with contractors and vendors.
  • Coordinate, define and agree with the vendors the network design requirements.
  • Perform thorough review of the contractors/ vendors design and ensure that these meet the agreed upon design principles and our clients standards.
  • Review the FTTH network Low Level designs provided by the vendors.
  • Challenge and critically review the contractors/ vendors design to ensure that the low-level design complies with the predefined area requirements & design rules and provides the best balance between cost, feasibility and time to marke.t
  • Review the As Built drawings provided by O&M team.
  • Assist in the development and management of all records and associated documentation relevant to the network design.
  • Ensure the network design is meeting the customer requirements.
  • Carry out design work for expansion of fiber network beyond the initial build phase.
  • Prepare periodic status reports to be submitted to the direct manager.
  • This covers the key responsibilities to be performed, but is not all inclusive. It does not preclude other responsibilities from being assigned and undertaken.